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A four point inspection is one that is carried out to satisfy the insurance requirements when a homeowner is purchasing a homeowner's insurance policy, or renewing their existing policy. This type of inspection covers the four main points of a home. These points are the most common areas that result in an insurance claim and the insurance company wants to be assured that these elements are in sound, working order. This inspection is carried out in a methodical way so as to check the age, parts and condition of the four areas of the home. An insurance carrier wants to make sure they do not insure a home that has existing damage or is in poor condition. This is not the type of inspection used to purchase a home.

Areas Covered

  • Roofing - Estimated remaining life, condition, type and damage.

  • Electrical - Electrical panel is inspected for brand, wiring types and hazards.

  • Heating and Air Conditioning (HVAC) - Visually inspected to determine the age and the condition of the system. Also inspected for hazards.

  • Plumbing - The plumbing under sinks visually checked for signs of leaks, material and to estimate the age. The water heater is inspected for age, leaks and hazards.

Why do I need a four point inspection?

Many homeowners wonder why a Four-Point inspection is needed in their home. Most insurance companies require this type of inspection before they will cover a home. This requirement is often imposed on older homes, because the insurance company wants assurance that the home does not have safety and other issues that could result in costly claims such as fire and water leaks. This inspection must be carried out before coverage can begin. If any issues are found, they have to be corrected and another inspection must be carried out.

How are problems detected?

This is a viusal inspection. Our inspector will look at the roof, electrical panel, under the sinks, water heater and air conditioning system. We are looking for hazards that insurance companies do not want to insure.

What can I epect from a Four Point inspection?

Our company takes the hassle out of this type of insurance inspection. We do a thorough inspection, but the process is a very simple for you. Our company is fully licensed, certified and insured to meet your inspection needs. We will guide you through the process and answer any questions or concerns that you might have. If any issues are found, we will give you a detailed report and explain the problem, so that you are able to understand the repairs and corrections that must be made so that you can get your insurance coverage. We make it simple for our clients to get their inspections done quickly and accurately.

A wind mitigation inspection is a specific type of inspection designed to help insurance companies to idnetify if a home has features to increase the chances it will be able to withstand the dmaages normally caused by high wind. Since Florida has the highest risk of hurricane damage, it also has the highest insurance premiums. All admitted insurance carriers in Florida provide a discount on wind  insurance for properties that can be proven to have wind mitigation features. The wind mitigation inspection provides the documents needed to apply for these discounts. There are several categories you might qualify for discounts in. Soeven if you don't have all 7 categories you might have 1 or 2 and that can still add up to substantial savings. So don't be discouraged for instance, that you might not have window and door protection, because that is only 1 available category to get discounts from.

Prepairing for wind Mitigation Inspection

On average the inspection will take about one hour. We require that someone meet the inspector who is at least 18 years of age. The operator will have to ask about the attic access, shutters, inpact rated windows and the roof.

Where is your attic entrance? The inspector will need to get into your attic. If the atic is in a closet then it is important to move any items and clothing out of the way. The inspector will make his best effort to keep the area clean but sometimes the attic access is covered with insulation and when the access is opened some insulation may fall down. We ask to perform a complete inspection so that he may find eery possible wind mitigation feature. If you have a two story house he needs to get into the attic on the second floor, not the first.

Do you have hurricane shutters or impact rated windows? We need to document that you have them by taking photos. In addition we need to prove the make and model as well as testing standards for devices. In order to get the maximum credit we must be able to prove that every door, window, garage door, skylight and glass block is either rated or has an impact rated device that protects it. If even one item is not protected the home will not qualify for credit.

How old is the roof? If the roof was installed on or after Match 1, 2002 and we can prove it by building permit or documentation to prove what material was put on the roof, it will qualify for a mitigation credit. Sometimes we can tell that the roof has been replaced but are unable to find any records to back up what we can see. If that happens the home will not qualify for the credit.

Contact us today so that we can assist you with any home inspection needs that you have. We strive to give our customers the very best and we will make sure your inspection goes very smoothly.

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