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Thank You so much Christy & Brian for such fast and prompt and thorough great service. We got everything and waiting on the termite only. Great job

You guys are awesome!

Mike S 02.21.2016

Hi Christy,

Just wanted to send a short note to thank you for your help and the professionalism of the company. My review on Angie's List was submitted tonight. You can be sure that we will recommend you and your company and will use your services if the need arises in the future.

David B 10/21/2015

I wanted to thank you & Brian for your services & the excellent professional inspection report your firm performed for us.
I wanted to give you an update as you have been so sweet as well as professional..... due to the findings & potential expenses we would have to incur, we have terminated our contract. We truly thought the home required more 'cosmetic repairs' vs. major high end maintenance expenses.
It would of been so nice to get to know you as 'neighbors'..... There are so many exciting things going on now in NPR, I know we would of enjoyed the area so much.....
Again, Thanks.......... Barb G 07/18/2015

Brandon was my home inspector and he was wonderful, courteous, friendly, knowledgeable, approachable, the list goes on. He was thorough with his inspection and taking the time to explain his finding to me, and answer all my questions, and emailed me my results the next day. Pleasant and experience even which Christina in the office, she was very quick to reach out to me and schedule an appointment. The whole process took less then 4 days. Would use them again and highly recommend them.

TABETHA B 02/22/2016

We were from out of state and had no idea with whom to trust. Our realtor said he could get one of "his" trusted people to do a home inspection for us. I just was not comfortable with his answers and timeliness of those answers. He told me they really did not even use Angie's list in that area. Well some of us do. Angie's list provided me with a fabulous home inspector. Christina was great to work with on setting it up. She went out of her way to coordinate with us and our realtor. Her husband, did our inspection. Due to the information provided on the inspection, we decided to pass on the house. The inspector explained everything to us showing us exactly what he was talking about in his report. We were able to make informed decisions.
I wished I had used Angie's list in selecting that realtor. We ended up choosing a different realtor to pursue other properties.

Karen W 01/20/2016

Great service, professional, willing to help and very courteous! I totally recommend this vendor!

Yasunari M 01/13/2016

I had contracted Young Home Inspection two times for Clearwater/Largo townhouses (1st inspection found too many issues, including a nosy and potentially problematic neighbor, so the purchase was dropped). The office manager Christy was great with answering questions, scheduling and follow-up. Brian had conducted the inspection for both properties and was personable, on time, took his time and was thorough. He reviewed his findings and made suggestions on how best to remediate several issues that were found. Additionally, both termite companies Christy had obtained satisfactorily performed their inspections.

Robert T 12/05/2015

They did a thorough job. The report is very detailed, and you can cursor over the photos to enlarge them. It seems they covered everything, more than the usual report – in my opinion. He explained everything to us, which all show in the report exactly. Overall, I liked him, thought he was professional and did a thorough job, and the report is a good format.

Joe B 11/18/2015

Did a very thorough job, explained every finding and provided an excellent report. Very knowledgeable.

Alfred A 10/28/2015

Young Home Inspection provided us with an extremely detailed report on a house we are purchasing. Their comprehensive inspection covered all the major systems, roof, foundation, and overall condition of the house.
From our very first contact with Christy to the receipt of our report the SAME DAY, we felt comfortable and confident that the service would be done professionally. Although we had purchased a home inspection deal through Angie's List, Christy gave advice on other inspections that would potentially save us money on our house insurance. We appreciated her advice and the fact that there was no hard sell to add on a Wind Mitigation and 4 Point Insurance inspections. Since we were unable to be at the house when the inspection was done, Christy corresponded with our real estate agent to set up the inspection, kept him in the communication loop, and ensured all of us were on the same page. We would definitely recommend Young Home Inspections to anyone selling or buying a house.

David B 10/21/2015

The house was inspected prior to my purchasing the home. Brian did a very comprehensive inspection and left nothing to chance.It was great. He was professional and courteous. Chrissy (who makes the appointments and answers the tough questions) is top notch. I would not hesitate to use Young Home Inspections again.

Judie G 10/15/2015

Bought a special posted here on Angie's list. Spoke to Christie to get things scheduled and add some additional services onto the order. The company is very responsive. I never had to wait more than a few hours for a response to my emails. Was great that they gave me a heads up about the additional insurance inspections I'd be needing and then offered a discount on those services. The cost savings Young Home Inspections was able to provide over the Realtor and Insurance company's recommended providers was significant ($400+ dollars in savings!). The inspector arrived early and was very personable. I would definitely use this company again.


James C 09/21/2015

Right from the beginning this company was above and beyond expectations. New kid in town, I knew no one and used Angie's list to guide me. Great people, very responsive.
Brian Perry, the inspector, explained everything he did and was very careful to detail the findings in a way that I could understand and he spent time answering all of my questions. Highly recommend them!

Ellen C 09/21/2015

The scheduling over phone was friendly and they were able to get me an appointment very quickly. They arrived early, were fully equipped to do all the tasks. They were professional in dress and behavior. They were very informative, accommodating, and thorough. The final report was comprehensive and professionally done. It was easily downloaded and it was very detailed. They lived up to the reputation they have established on Angie's List and it is clear why they are so highly rated. I would absolutely recommend using them.

Thomas E 09/13/2015

Young Home Inspections is not only punctual and professional, but accommodating and understanding. The inspector, Brandon, did the four-point inspection on our older home and went above and beyond by paying attention to every detail. He was extremely knowledgable and answered all of questions. I highly recommend this company and I will use them in the future. I can't say enough about how accommodating they were! I had an odd situation with the home we were buying, and the appointment time had to be later in the evening. Christy was wonderful and was glad to help me out! Great job, very happy!

Jacqueline S 08/26/2015

We live in Texas and just bought a condo in Florida. I looked on Angie's List to find a reputable Home Inspection company. I found Young Home Inspections. They not only had exceptional reviews but they even had a coupon I could use. I called and spoke to Christine. What a pleasure to deal with. She was so professional and friendly and assured me that they would take care of our needs. We were able to get our inspection done on the exact date and time. A friend of ours from Florida went to the inspection on our behalf. He said the inspector was great. Very professional. Arrived right on time and did a thorough inspection. I was very grateful we found them and they had excellent communication which made us worry-free for the entire process. I highly recommend them and will use them again in the future!! Thanks Christine and team!!

Laura H 08/12/2015

Great customer service and constant feedback from Christy. She sent Brandon over and he was friendly and helped me understand a lot more about my house just through the inspection. Inspections were sent via email within 24 hours. I'd definitely recommend them! Thanks guys.

Matthew J 07/27/2015

Brian arrived slightly early (which is perfect) and spent about 3 hours crawling all over and throughout the house. He went above and beyond what I expected. I was surprised that he spent as much time in the attic as he did, especially because he was professionally dressed and emerged covered in dust, sweat and soot. It's not exactly cool up there in June! He didn't let the heat or tight spaces stop him from being thorough.
The report was detailed and he spent quite some time with me discussing his findings and even making recommendations for various improvements (things that didn't really need to be put in the report). It included many aspects of the home beyond the "big ticket items" like roof, plumbing, electrical, irrigation, insulation, etc. The report arrived the next day as promised.
So all in all, it was a good experience and I would definitely recommend him to a friend/family member. My only negative is that the inspection was a little more expensive than the realtor estimated, but I definitely feel it was money well spent.

Robert L 06/22/2015

They were amazing. Christine is the best! Very helpful. I had lots of questions for weeks after and they were so pleasant to deal with. Highly recommend this company.

Jhenerr H 06/19/2015

The appointment was easy to schedule. Christine was great! Brian showed up early and was thorough in the inspection, very personable and answered all of our questions. He explained to my husband how some systems worked with suggestions on changes we might want to make. After the inspection, he sat down with us and covered all points of the inspection. He provided a wind mitigation report that we submitted to our insurance company entitling us to a nice discount on our homeowner’s insurance. We had the detailed inspection and wind mitigation reports that evening.
Christine arranged for Knight Pest Control to do the termite inspection at the same time. That was included in the cost of the home inspection.
We were pleased with the entire process of Young Home Inspections and are very confident purchasing this home because I feel we are aware of any issues with the home.

Linda A 06/13/2015

With very little notice, we asked Young Home Inspections to inspect a home that we were ready to close on prior to the final walk-through. Despite not giving them much notice, they were able to accommodate us.
I cannot emphasize strongly enough that this was a level of service above and beyond average. The inspection was extremely thorough, and photographs revealed that the inspector checked every nook and cranny. The report I received was specific and detailed. I shared the report with the builder which helped him to know which items to address prior to the walk through. Telephone conversations with Christy provided additional helpful information, and I will definitely consult Young Home Inspections in the future should a need arise.

Gregory D 05/04/2015

From the initial appointment to the final inspection Young was prompt and professional. Because of their inspection we were able to uncover a $5,000.00 issue that the bank was trying to overlook. With the thoughness of Young's report we were able to present our finding to the bank and were compensated for the issue. Their $400.00 inspection saved us $5,000.00.

Ryan R 04/22/2015

I contacted Young Home Inspections and talked with Chris about getting a home inspected that we are buying. Although we were given seven days to conduct a home inspection, receipt of the executed contract was delayed getting to us so we were three days behind. Chris was very helpful upon hearing this and was able to schedule an inspection of the home and a two bedroom guest apartment on the property well within our time period. Not only was she very helpful, she was a real pleasure to talk with. Too bad Angie’s List only goes to “A”, the service that Chris and Brian provided rated at least an “A+. I was very impressed with Brian, he called me the evening after the inspection to provide me with an overview of his findings and answered several questions. Very knowledgeable and professional! The next day we received an electronic version of the home inspection with detailed information and photos. I wasn’t expecting it, but Brain called us again to ensure we received a copy of the inspection and to see if we had any questions. Very impressed! I would recommend Young Home Inspections to anyone preparing to buy a home. Would we use them again? You bet we would!! Thank you Chris and Brian for the outstanding work!

Robert W 04/17/2016


Brandon did a phenomenal job. He reported to the appointment a few minutes early, had all of his equipment staged and began the inspection at the appointed time. He worked through all parts of the house very methodically and then walked me through a detailed review of his inspection findings. He subsequently sent me written copies of his detailed reports and responded to a couple of follow-up questions in a very timely manner.
All of my contacts with Young Home Inspections were very pleasant and professional. Christy is a suberb advocate for the company--a real advocate for customer satisfaction!

Daryl R 04/06/2015

The initial contact with Chris was great. She was responsive and was able to get us in at last minute. Brandon, the home inspector, arrived promptly and was very professional, amiable and thorough. He patiently answered all our questions. The price was unbeatable; they also arranged for the termite inspector to be there at the same time. I highly recommend this company. The inspection report was delivered with 24 hours.

Damaris Vila V 03/31/2015

They were punctual, friendly, thorough and very good in explaining the process. Will use them again.

Lee Anne C 03/10/2015

Without a doubt, Young Home Inspection is the best inspection service company I've ever used.
They came as exactly when schedule on very short notice. Brian did a complete, competent and efficient job on the Inspection and my report was ready within 24 hours. He offered it sooner, but I didn't need it that quickly. They did such a good job, I immediately hired them to do an inspection on another property I was buying.
I'm a contractor in MA, so I have a little clue about construction and having someone like Brian who has experience in General Contracting was a huge advantage. He not only know what to look for while doing an inspection, but he knows how to distinguish significant issues from simple nuisances.
In the future, Young Home Inspection will be my "go to Inspectors" for anything I need in Florida.
Brian's wife Chris is also a pleasure to deal with!

B C L 03/13/2015

Brian arrived right on time and performed an impressively thorough inspection. This was for a Home Inspection & a "4-point" inspection prior to our purchase of a 9-year old townhome, and also for a wind mitigation inspection. We've had inspections at prior homes, including several during a new build, so we have others with whom to compare, and I am very happy. He took numerous photos during the inspection, and reviewed his findings with us before leaving. Later that evening we received the online report (which we were able to save as a PDF). He'd inspected the roof and exterior, even though that is technically the responsibility of the HOA, but that gave us peace of mind. For the items that do need attention, the report gives us a detailed "punch list" of the things that we'll want to address. Should the need arise in the future, we will absolutely use this company again, and highly recommend them to others.

Joe L 02/04/2015

Everything went great. Showed up on time and got to work right away. Explained everything that was found. Very informative, professional and courteous. Checked the entire house, in and out, roof and attic. The report was available that same day for me to review. Many details, pictures, and recommendations. I am very please with their service, would recommend and definnetely use again if need to.

Luis V 02/03/2015

Brian, the inspector was on time and fairly priced. He did a great job, he did me a huge favor by driving miles beyond his usual inspection area. A great experience overall.

Joan S 01/25/2015

True Professionals. My experience with Young Home Inspections was excellent from the first point of contact thru the follow up communication they provided ensuring my satisfaction. I received a personal response full of detail and empathy answering my initial questions about the process fees and availability. During the inspection, Brian provided a very detailed review and walked us through the home covering each aspect and answered every single one of our questions. He was patient and made us feel comfortable and confident. I reccomend their service to anyone, and especially first time homebuyers.

Dalton C 12/09/2014

4-point inspection. Note that the cost was much higher than their normal because I asked them to come way out of their service territory.
I used Young's to do the purchase inspection when we bought this home. they did such a FANTASTIC job that, when we recently decided to refi and needed a 4-point, I decided that no one else would do.
They've since moved well north of their former location, way up to Pasco County (in other words, halfway to Atlanta), so now we're out of their service area.
No matter! Hang the cost! We spent the extra to talk them into coming down this way to do the inspection. So why? Well, they were on-time. thorough, professional, pleasant, AND they found more wind mitigation than the last guy who did a 4-point, hence saving us money on insurance!
They are not the cheapest around. Just the best. Hire these guys, you will NOT regret it.

David C 11/30/2014

Provider performed a Home inspection and wind Mitigation test on a house we had put a bid on. We are property virgins and Brian was very helpful answering several of our questions. When I called to make appointment,
I was greated by Christy who left me feeling assured they were the ones to use for this!!
Brain the inspector was very informative about what he was looking for and gave us updates as he could going along the process.
He was very patient with us as we asked him several questions about the inspection process. He checked out roof, pool, ac, electric outlets, plumbing, appliances, windows, attic, sprinkling system and door weatherstripping. He was very thorough in his findings and reports he sent us.
We definitely refer this company to any realtor out there looking for a great home inspector.

Rebecca T 11/17/2014

Brian, with YHI, inspected 2 different homes for us during our home-buying process.
We used Young Home Inspection not once, but twice during our 5 month search for a home. Brian's attention to detail helped us make the decision to end a contract on a home that would have needed more than $30k in repairs. When we found the 2nd home (which we just closed on!), we used Brian and YHI again. Brian was professional, thorough, patient with our questions, and very honest. He spent more than 3 hours each time inspecting all aspects of the home both inside and out. I would absolutely recommend them to a friend and would use them again.

Deanna B 07/17/2014

I used Young Home Inspections for home inspection when I purchased my home.
They were thorough and prompt in answering all my questions. I was satisfied with the end product.

Michael M 05/01/2014

I called the office to schedule a home inspection, and was able to get an appointment within 2-3 days, at a time convenient for us.The inspector (I'm not sure if I'm allowed to name names) was awesome. We were told he was formerly a contractor, which set my mind at ease. We're first time home buyers, and had a lot of questions. He was able to answer every question we had, as well as complete a detailed inspection (with pictures), which was promptly e-mailed to us a day later. I really can't say enough about what a great experience we had. I really appreciate his professionalism and the work that was done, and would not hesitate to use them again!
Laura-Lee H 03/09/2014



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